Location of Europe.Political map (neighbouring countries in Asia and Africa also shown)
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FRENCH MOROCCO Military Stampless PPC US $9.99 Macau US $9.00
TURKEY Sc#90 MH Bluish Grey Variety Stamp CV$75 US $19.99 LIECHTENSTEIN Mi#310 Used VF CV €75/$97 US $14.99
SENEGAL 5Fr Pair Mixed Frank Cover French W Africa US $9.99 MARTINIQUE Mixed Frank with Senegal Cover Airmail US $9.99
REUNION France Libre Used VF US $9.99 IVORY COAST Combination Frank Cover French W Africa US $9.99
9564 BAVARIA MINT LH 1920 SC 271-75 see our 2500 lots US $3.90 TURKEY Sc#86 Used 25 Piastre Dark-Carmine/Yellow CV$150 US $49.99
TURKEY Sc#86 Used 25 Piastre Carmine/Yellow Oily CV$150 US $49.99 TURKEY Sc#86 Used 25 Piastre Carmine-Red/Yellow CV$150 US $49.99
Stamp Germany Poland Mi D06 WWII Swastika Nazi Dienst U US $1.99 TURKEY Sc#90 MH Deep Grey Variety Stamp CV$75 US $19.99
TURKEY Sc#109 Used VF 50pi Foreign Postage Stamp CV$100 US $49.99 TURKEY Sc#P11a Used IMPRIME Newspaper Stamp CV$250 US $79.99
TURKEY Sc#108 MH 25pi Foreign Postage Stamp CV$100 US $34.99 Ireland US $18.00
9563 BAVARIA USED 1920 SC 266-70 see our 2500 lots US $3.90 SENEGAL 2Fr65 FFC to France US $9.99
SENEGAL 2Fr60 Airmail Cover to France 1938 US $9.99 IVORY COAST Cover SOW BIDJAN CDS US $9.99
SENEGAL Airmail 7Fr65 Cover to France US $9.99 Italy SC#1918a-l(12) Used or CTO Europa G-VG US $4.00
SENEGAL Air Mail Cover 5Fr25 to Algeria US $9.99 SENEGAL Air Mail Cover 6Fr50 to France US $9.99
9562 BAVARIA USED 1920 SC O52//68 see our 2500 lots US $3.90 SENEGAL Air Mail Cover to French Guinea 2Fr US $9.99
LIECHTENSTEIN Mi#78-81 VF-XF MNH Stamp Set CV €260/$337 US $69.99 YUGOSLAVIA Mi#804-811 MNH Olympic Stamp Set CV€200/$259 US $19.99
Germany 1952 Mi.# 156-159 MLH. OG. US $25.00 SENEGAL Airmail Advertising Cover 3Fr50 to France US $9.99
Portugal / Maximum Cards US $15.00 LUXEMBOURG 1887 Stationery PC to Prague US $9.00
CAMEROUN Missionary Cover YOKADOUMA Rare Village US $9.99 SENEGAL 2Fr Registered Airmail Cover to France US $9.99
AUSTRIA Stampless Cover w Esterhazy Seal US $9.00 FRANCE Stenography Advertising Cover w President's Card US $39.99
FRANCE INDO-CHINA 1c Block Cover to Thailand US $9.99 FRANCE INDO-CHINA Cover TONG CDS US $9.99
TURKEY Sc#22, 24 MH ERROR Misperf Stamp Varieties US $19.99 DAHOMEY 1Fr50 Cover Registered to France US $9.99
DAHOMEY 1Fr25 Cover to Switzerland US $9.99 SENEGAL Airmail 3Fr50 Cover to Sweden US $9.99
LIECHTENSTEIN 1938 Cover Official Use Post Museum Canc. US $9.00 NETHERLANDS Retour a l'Expediteur JAPAN Airmail Cover US $19.99
FRANCE INDO-CHINA Cover HANOI TONKIN CDS US $9.99 LIECHTENSTEIN Selection of 1 Interesting Cover & 1 Card US $9.00
SERBIA Early Single Franking Advertising Cover to US US $9.00 TURKEY Sc#P37-P42 Used Newspaper Stamp Set CV$200 US $79.99
TURKEY Sc#P36 MH/Used Newspaper Stamp Specialized Group US $34.99 TURKEY Sc#J10 Used Signed Postage Due Stamp CV$100 US $49.99
TURKEY Sc#J10 MH (2 Shades) Postage Due Stamps CV$90 US $29.99 TURKEY Sc#J23 MH 2pi Postage Due Stamp CV$450 US $99.99
TURKEY Sc#J17 MH SCARCE Postage Due Stamp CV$550 US $169.99 TURKEY Sc#J26, J28 Used Postage Due Stamps CV$190 US $49.99
TURKEY 1869-71 MH Postage Due Stamp Selection US $49.99 TURKEY Sc#J21-J25 Used Postage Due Stamp Set CV$160 US $34.99
Germany 1949 Mi. # 117-120 MNH/ MH. OG. US $39.00 AUSTRIA WWI Parcel Post Postal Stationery Form US $9.00
Album Commemorative Stamps Soviet Union -Communist Yrs US $199.00 Mozambique / Airmail / Sports / Swimming / Athletics US $5.00
FRANCE 1903 Cover "Territoire de Belfort" US $9.99 WURTEMBERG UNDER FRANCE OCCUP. 1948 Cover "Taxe Percue" US $9.99
RUSSIA, 1944 20 Years without Lenin set of 7, cto. US $5.00 AUSTRIA Unusual Stampless Document "Nach Afgang" US $9.00
FRANCE INDO-CHINA PPC CAP SAINT-JAQUES CDS US $9.99 FRANCE 1904 Mixed Issue Type Sage Picture PC "Nice" US $9.99
Italy 1914-1939 Parcel Post 12 stamps SC#Q7-Q34 US $4.99 FRANCE Napoleon Essay Printers Waste Double Impression US $19.99
FRANCE 25c Essay Dark Brown US $19.99 FRANCE INDO-CHINA Cover to PENANG US $9.99
Danmark/Denmark used stamps. Lot of 7 v. old US $1.99 AUSTRIA Group of 3 Stampless "Bezahlt" Covers US $9.00
TURKEY 1870-1875 Used Stamp Selection CV$292 US $99.99 TURKEY Sc#J32 MH 1pi Postage Due Stamp CV$225 US $69.99
TURKEY Sc#23 MH Stamp CV$200 US $49.99 TURKEY Sc#34 Used CHOICE CANCEL Stamp CV$75 US $34.99
Turkey Postal Card to Sophia, Bulgaria, 1900s US $4.99 LOMBARDY-VENETIA 1849 Official Document "Villafranca" US $9.00
GERMANY 1932 Official Mixed Issues Cover US $9.00 TURKEY Sc#52 Used 5pi on 5pi Stamp CV$50 US $19.99
Macau / Tax US $9.00 FRANCE INDO-CHINA 10c on PPC of Tourane Ruins US $9.99
GERMANY KOBLENZ Stampless Trans-Atlantic Cover to US US $9.00 Turkey local cover, early 1900s US $4.99
MONACO Yv#14 PPC Interior of Casino Scarce US $9.99 Russia 2631A 1962 perf and imperf S.S. US $14.00
TURKEY 1972 PAINTINGS MNH SET MIC#2255-#2256 US $1.00 RUSSIA, 1935 Anti War set of 4 to 20k., cto. US $7.50
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